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Slovenia is a lovely country in Southeastern Europe which touches the Alps in the Northwest and the Mediterranean in the Southeast. For outdoor lovers the mountains offer great skiing, hiking, mountain biking, rafting and kayaking options while the southern region is an area of numerous caves. You can also find picturesque cities with great nightlife such as Ljubljana or Maribor. As Tourism is still not as big here as in neighboring countries like Austria or Italy Slovenia should definitely be on your bucket list! 

• Ljubljana: The largest city of Slovenia is supposed to be one of Europe's greenest and most liveable capitals. Ljubljana is home to about 50.000 students, has an active cultural and clubbing scene, and the museums, restaurants and hotels are among the best in the country.  

Tips: Walk up or take the funicular railway from Krek Square near the Ljubljana Central Market to the Ljubljana Castle for amazing views over the city! If you are in Ljubljana on a Friday (except for winter time): on the market there is so called 'Odprta Kuhna' (= open kitchen), stalls with Slovenian and international food, also nice drinks in a pleasant atmosphere.

• Maribor: The second largest city of Slovenia is located in the northeast of the country. Every year at the end of June/beginning of July, Maribor hosts the biggest festival in Slovenia - Festival Lent. The city's waterfront is alive with numerous concerts, street theater performances, different shows and food stalls. The world's oldest wine plant grows in the old town of Maribor and the winegrowing hills in the vicinity invite guests to try their wines accompanied by tasty local food specialties. 

Tip: Other great places to eat are Rožmarin and Pri Florjanu, which have an excellent price-quality ratio. The best ice-cream and desserts are at Ilich and Teta Frida, best čevapčiči in Baščaršija and Grill Ranca.

• Bovec & the Soča Valley: Based inside Triglav National Park which is the only Slovenian national park, the incredibly beautiful Soča Valley is a fantastic place to get the pure wilderness feeling. The River Soča with its emerald green colour, is probably one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe. Its water flows across waterfalls and winds through narrow rocky gorges, and along the way it has carved surprising canyons and pools. A great range of adventurous water sports can be done here, such as wildwater kayaking, rafting, canyoning etc. Furthermore you can enjoy zip lining, paragliding, mountain biking, climbing and much more with one of the numerous operators for example based in the village of Bovec which is a good starting point to discover the valley.

• Bohinj Valley: Beautiful Lake Bohinj is located within the Bohinj Valley which is a southeastern part of Triglav National Park. It is often called the “little brother” of Lake Bled. There are many things to do here and enjoy the picturesque scenery.

Tip 1: Walk up to Peč Lookout on the eastern end of the lake for a great view. If you travel by car you can park your vehicle for free for example in front of Pension Cerkovnik (adress: Stara Fužina 11, 4265 Bohinjsko jezero, Slovenia). Just ask the friendly owners and they will show you the starting point of the 15 minute hike which otherwise can easily be overlooked.

Tip 2: Make sure to take the Vogel Cable Car that lifts visitors from Lake Bohinj (569m) to Vogel Ski Center (1533m) in an only 3-4 minutes ride. Great views of the lake and the surrounding mountains are guaranteed! For more information click here.

18.02.2018 - Chris